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Maintaining the appearance of your vehicle is essential and one of the most important aspects is to maintain the paint. The vehicle may get a lot of scratches or stone chips due to which the surface of the vehicle can get damaged. The paint chip is a type of damage that is caused when stones or rocks are thrown on your vehicle. It will be done due to bad weather or r any kind of collision with a surface or any other vehicle. These kind of damages are quite hard to be covered which is why we have created the paint repair technique for our customers.

The auto paint repair process:

There is a specified paint repair process that is followed in our company. These steps are carefully created to provide our customers with the best possible results. The process of auto paint repair is as follows:

Step 1:

The painting of a vehicle is done only on the surface is quite smooth and clear from any kind of dirt, scratches, and damages. For preparing the surface of the vehicle for paint repair, our experts first get involved in the prep and prime of the area that needs repair.

Step 2:

After the completion of cured with prime, the painter strives to get a smooth surface. This is done through the sanding and prepping of the surface. This step is essential to get a smooth overall look of the vehicle after painting.

Step 3:

In the next step, the painters of our company will mix the base coat that is colored. The color of this basecoat will match the body color of the vehicle. The paint is then sprayed neatly on the body of the vehicle to create a finish like a factory finish.

Step 4:

After some time, the base coat will be ready to get a topcoat. For the topcoat, the experts apply the paint neatly to the surface of the vehicle. The top coat will help the vehicle to get its complete and neat finish. However, if there are any areas that are left untreated or the areas that will get damaged, it will be restored with the help of sand and polish by our experts.

These are the steps that are followed in our company to provide a neat finish to your vehicle.

The auto paint repair services of North Texas collision center:

There are a lot of reasons due to which you need to consider North Texas collision center for the auto paint repair of your vehicle. One of the most important reasons is that the experts in our company know the ways to handle the issues and damages of your vehicle. Moreover, the color that should be applied and the right equipment are properly utilized for the process. No matter if your vehicle has a damaged paint or scratches on the surface, they will be restored with the auto paint technique of North Texas collision center.

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