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North Texas Collision Center – Fender Repair Services

Your fender happens to be the car part that is most prone to damage being nearest to the tires. If left under constant sun exposure or with a poor paint job your fender will surely see some damage.  The ultraviolet rays of the sun damage your vehicle and the prolonged exposure out in the sun can really damage your fender.

Weather conditions, neutral natural elements can lead to a faster outbreak of rust and if left on its own without the required care, your car’s fender can get rust too. Rust outbreaks damage the vehicle and are a common occurrence in older cars.

The process of Fender Repair:

Fender is closest to the tires that is why are damaged quite regularly. Sometimes the damage can go way deep that what you tend to see on the surface. Come to North Texas Collision Center for all your fender benders!

The expert technicians at North Texas Collision Center shall, first of all, remove your vehicle’s fender in order to inspect any kind of hidden damage. Each part and component of your vehicle is designed to maximize safety and the harm which you cannot see from the surface could impair these critical systems of your vehicle.

The fender is thoroughly inspected and then repaired. Any necessary trim and hardware are removed to fully assess the extent of the damage. This way the fender can be inspected closely to create the best plan for conducting the fender repair. In the case of an accident, the fender is repaired skillfully by working the material to restore the fit and shape of the fender.  After the repair of damaged areas, the primer is applied and left to cure then it is sanded down to create a smooth surface so that paint can be applied.

Computer technology is used to mix the perfect match of your vehicle’s paint so that a clear coating can be applied to make your fender look all new.

If any sort of damage is found underneath the fender and repaired adequately, the fender is worked upon in order to restore it back to its shape after repairing and repainting any of the dents or scratches to make it look as good as new!

North Texas Collision Center – Fender Repair Services:

No matter how badly your fender is damaged or what your vehicle body is made of, the qualified and trusted staff at North Texas Collision Center, maintain the high standards of fender repair.

Fender damage ranges from a small dent to a more serious harm and our services and staff are well-equipped and ready to fix all kind of damage to your fender and vehicle. The team at North Texas Collision Center is made up of the expert technicians whose skills and abilities are considered top in technical abilities.  They are capable of most advanced repair technology. They are trained to handle vehicles of every make and model on the road.

If your vehicle needs any kind of fender repairs, our expert staff will restore it back to its former condition with your fender fully repaired.

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